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Dr. Doe Sexplains


Dr. Lindsay Doe is a clinical sexologist, a path she says she’s been on since the day she was born. Since she was a kid, she’s gathered and shared every fact about sex she could find – from birth control to anatomy to blow job techniques. Since 2013, when she launched her Youtube channel Sexplanations, Dr. Doe’s patient base grew from those she serves in her small private practice in Missoula, Montana, to hundreds of thousands of people living in over 200 countries.

Lacy Jane Roberts and Manjula Varghese sat down for a Google Hangout with Dr. Doe to find out how she went from private practice to Youtube star.

Dr. Doe’s Youtube foray started in her classroom. She was teaching a Human Sexuality class for college students at the University of Montana. For one of her classes, she invited fellow Missoula townie Hank Green to speak to her class on a panel about identity. Hank Green is perhaps less famous in Missoula, Montana than he is on the internet. He’s half of the video-blogging duo the Vlogbrothers (with his brother John Green, known for writing young adult bestsellers like A Fault in Our Stars) and is responsible for a Youtube channel empire, with channels like SciShow and Crash Course. After watching Dr. Doe teach, he told her she’d make “great talent.” Soon after, with his help, Sexplanations was born.

On Sexplanations, Dr. Doe puts out a new video every week tackling topics like consent, trans sex, sex toys, sex how-to’s, and she often answers questions submitted by viewers. Lacy and Manjula were curious – what is it like to be a woman speaking frankly about sex on the internet, where trolls run rampant and threats to outspoken women aren’t rare. Dr. Doe also talked about the differences between her online persona and the real Lindsay Doe.

You can find Sexplanations on her channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/sexplanations.

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