Nabolom Bakery is a burgeoning Berkeley institution and owners Julia Elliott and Sabra Stepak have a unique way of making pizza. The owners have known each other for 30 years and reunited years later to operate the bakery, Nabolom.

The Nabolom approach takes some inspiration from the concept of “Vibration Cooking” – a term coined by the late Vertamae Smart-Grovesnor, a noted culinary anthropologist. Vibration cooking is about infusing positive “vibes” into all that is good into whatever you’re making and relying on soul and love as an intangible spiritual ingredient.

“I love the food”, Elliot said, “You know when you’re making the bread, you have to tell it that it’s the best bread!”

Elliot is a veteran of the legendary Cheeseboard Pizza Collective in Berkeley and adopted their style of pizza from her time there.

Piero Amadeo Infante, a Bay Area musician and long time friend of Julia and Sabra, described eating at Nabolom as he hung out in the kitchen, “It’s so comforting- this pizza is chewy and tangy and delicious,” he said, “,  the vegetables are fresh, it’s like having a five or six course meal kind of in one place.” Piero also remarked on the sourdough crust,

“I can just eat that dough by itself uncooked I come over and ask them for it sometimes and they won’t give it to me, but when its got cheese and all those other ingredients on it, it’s just a celestial experience. I’m not sure if my vocabulary has the skill to explain quite how good the pizza is.”

Stepak agrees. She says the food has a personal element for every person eating it,“We just wanna serve good food and treat people like human beings,” she said, “You know, we care. So I guess that’s what we think is important.”

Nabolom is located at 2708 Russell St in Berkeley.


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