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Dr. Doe Sexplains It All


Let’s get it on, copulate, intercourse, coitus, making love, making whoopee,  knocking boots, bumping uglies. — all euphemism for sex, an act that historical has played a major role in humanity’s survival – yet do we know what we are doing?

Dr. Lindsey Doe, a clinical sexologist has dedicated her life to studying human sexuality and sharing her knowledge with others through her youtube series titled, “Sexplanations.”

Having grown up on a boarding school campus, Doe says, she was attracted to knowledge about sexuality at an early age, and discovered that “a lot of people didn’t have a lot of knowledge about [sex] so I could build that niche.”

Doe explained that her parents were very supportive of her curiosity. Not that they encouraged her to masturbate, rather they “encouraged me to see masturbation as a normal healthy behavior,” Doe says. With a supportive home environment she was allowed to ask questions.

Her interest in sexuality led her to pursue a degree in Health and Human performance and then later received her doctorate in Human sexuality.

Fortunately for Doe, it was when Hank of the Hank and John Green duo which the internet world has nicknamed the vlogbrothers attended Doe’s human sexuality class, and saw her teach her students did the idea of a youtube series dedicated to sexology come about and “Sexplanations” came to be.

Doe, says her youtube series allows her to escape her real life, stating that Sexplanations allows her to talk about one of her favorite subjects — sex. Talking about sex for her series reminds her “about all the cool things on the planet,” Doe says.

With her youtube series reaching two hundred and twenty countries, the youtube series covers topics anywhere from Toy Vaginas to Age of Consent. Sexplanations releases one episode every week. Doe says she is dedicated to creating a sex-positive environment explaining that “Sex positivity is holding space for other expressions of sexuality.”

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